Room 6

The Warren S. Heaton Room

A favourite of families with 2 kids, room 6 has a standard size 4’6” wide double bed and a bunk bed, an en-suite shower powered by solar energy and green electricity, a wash basin and a couple of comfy tub chairs. There’s a flap down table and reading lamp too, handy for early rising kids to play games at or do a spot of quiet colouring in while you have a lie in – some hope we hear you say!

old school hostel 

Warren S. Heaton

Warren says: “The more I paint outside, the more authentic and legitimate the experience feels as a whole. In this way I am working out my own response to nature. When painting outside, I am unabridged, exposed and in the moment. Responding quickly to the weather and the movement of light, feeling free from all editing and self criticism. I don’t have time to judge. There is no good or bad, there is just nature and me responding in this way, I feel it brings a more painterly, influence and fluid brush to my work.

Painting in Pembrokeshire wind and rain certainly focuses you to confront your artistic ego and paint on natures terms. However, it’s not without its rewards, as two days, or indeed, hours are ever the same, there is always some suitable play of light or colour effects, whether it’s clouds, brushing on a setting Sun, or delicate greys on a rainy day. It stands to reason that you definitely notice more, the more time you spend in one place looking.”

 Warren has a gallery in Solva 21 Main Steet,Solva Pembrokeshire
SA62 6UU

Room 6



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