Family Room that sleeps 7


Room 2

A family of 4 can stay for little as £100 per night and that includes a self-service breakfast .

old school hostel 

With a view over Trefin’s chimney pots to the rocky outcrop of Penberry in the distance (a fine destinations for a day’s walk along the coast path by the way), Room 2 is designed to have the feel of a beamed room at the top of an old house. It is decorated with restful images of trees and forests. The room features an en-suite shower and wash basin.

There are three bunk beds solidly constructed of wood and all have comfortable memory foam mattresses. One bed has a 4’ wide lower bed so technically this room could sleep a maximum of 7 people though this would be a squeeze. It is most popular as a room for Mum and Dad and 3 or 4 kids. Also at short notice (if it’s not already booked) we can offer Room 2 as a family room for 2 adults and 2 kids at a reduced rate. Another option, for example if you’re a group of friends, Mums and Dads could book doubles and use Room 2 as the children’s bunk room.

Room 2



2 Bunk beds

1 bunk bed with a Double bed on the bottom

Sleeps 7

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