Room 1

Helen Bowen  Room

A  large windows that overlook the courtyard with views over the countryside, the room one sleeps two people it has a single bunk bed and an en suite shower

old school hostel 

Local potter Helen Bowen is in the process of making some ceramics to show her unique artistic art form. We hope the to have this finished later in the year.

One of our most popular rooms, Room 1 is bright and sunny with a large south facing window with a view of Trefin’s quaint cottages and the countryside beyond. A budget room like no other, it is decorated in flambouant Perfect for Mum or Dad with one child, it has a top quality bunk bed with 3’ wide memory foam mattresses. The bed is solidly constructed from natural wood and there is good headroom for both lower and upper berths. The room features an en-suite solar and green energy powered shower. There is a 1930’s style wash basin with a matching mirror.

Room 1



1Bunk bed

sleeps 2

pottery by Helen

Helen Bowen 

Local Potter

Budget Bed and Breakfast at The Old School Hostel, St Davids, Pembrokeshire

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